We all know that we will die, the only question remains how and when?

With Marie, it was only apparent after her death, as to how much suffering she endured while never revealing this to anyone.... even those closest to her. Marie's conversational skills, sharp sense of humour and prudent business and personal advice was sage-like and most uplifting to all of those she came into contact with. 

Her consideration for all of those around her was unprecedented, while she not only took the time to leave her affairs in order but secretly compiled “Life and Operating Manuals” for all of those close to her. During the last 6 weeks of her life, with hospitalizations, surgery and severe pain and discomfort being suffered, Marie exuded courage and faith as she entered the final lap of her life's journey with steely faith and determination. We can honestly say that she lived, she died, and not once, did she indulge in self-pity.

Her legacy is simple, Endure through everything.

Simple until you try it...

We are going to miss this remarkable woman but will remember her spirit of unselfish giving and focused purpose which now lives on in the works of the MOC Foundation.


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