Our DSP or "Digital Signage Portal" is a repurposed Digital Advertising and Signage system consisting of a connected Smart TV which is installed in public spaces, frail care centres, hospitals, disability homes, churches and any other MOC partners site where it may be needed for the benefit of their members, staff or tenants.

This system was chosen specifically because we can provide remotely managed content over a LAN, WAN, VPN or web connection, the content is dynamic and can be changed from a central location through a web interface.

Public digital advertising systems are typically used to entertain, inform or advertise.

Our objective

Our objective is to assist any qualifying organization to use the 24/7 DSP capability to provide programmed slots that stream content to each specific DSP system which can include the following content selection:

Access to our Faith Portal

Our initial objective was to focus on Faith issues which includes live Sermon streaming, Daily Devotional Messages, Audio Bible readings and any other faith based data that can be delivered according to each organizations schedule, requirements and routine and is provided by online access to our Audio Bible platforms and live Sermon streaming services provided by our FBO partners.

Access to Medical and Motivational Articles

As the DSP systems provide streaming content 24/7, we at the request of our recipient add content to suit their requirements which is provided directly off various content driven sites such as TEDx.

Access to Digital Noticeboard functions

Our software has been set-up so that each organization can update their own in-house slots with notices, communication, social media posts, etc.

Access to Revenue and advertising incomes

The DSP systems, once installed, allows the recipient organization to generate income by selling advertising space to potential donors or suppliers etc., as well as acknowledging their existing patrons.

It also allows the recipient organization to allow their clients, sponsors and donors online access to their live streaming DSP systems from any connected device directly from a secure URL.


Why consider a DSP?

As a Christian organization we wish to provide people with access to the Gospel message of hope. Our aim is to make it available to those who need it the most. This system is a useful tool that will provide an organization with a live 24/7 broadcast service and can be programmed to provide the recipient with a unique communication, income and administration tool. 

Initially our aim was to provide this service to centres where mobility was an issue and bring the service to the residents. As we progressed with our first pilot sites it became evident that the DSP systems could be used in corporate environments to communicate our message to their staff, and offer them a digital noticeboard and advertising space which would justify their input costs.




Internal communications are key to keeping the company up to date with the latest news and announcements. Corporate messaging, room booking, emergency information and the latest figures can be instantly displayed across the network of digital signage screens. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays so you can be sure everyone is informed.




Digital Signage is helping to change the ways in which educational facilities communicate. Being able to display announcements, timetables, emergency information and even digital menu boards allow fast and legible information to be delivered in real time. Digital Signage offers a completely scalable structure meaning no matter how many screens you have, you can push your data to a few or all screens with a click.


Advantages of DSP

  • Easy to update with timely information - Automated with low maintenance requirements,
  • Content specific to designated areas or screens,
  • Raise donor, sponsor or advertiser Brand and Product awareness,
  • Promote Partners and Sponsors with online access to stay in touch with the recipients beneficiaries,
  • Create revenue for your cause through sponsor driven marketing slots on your DSP system.


We are sincerely appreciative to all our MOC Patrons and Partners inputs and invite any person or Organization interested in advertising on any of our DSP systems,

To please contact Ashley Du Plessis or Bev Taag for more information.

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